Fitness-Buffet will promote this service through a number of different channels including PR, Traditional Media, Direct Sales to our corporate clients, online and social media. We also use strategic sponsorships and other channels to raise the profile of Fitness-Buffet and thus the prospects to your business.


What is your most compelling offer?

Put it up with us and we’ll promote you to targeted prospects in your city.


If you are one of the first 20 partners in a city, we will not charge you to be included in our service.

What You Need to Know
Your offers must be free with no strings attached. Samples, discount vouchers etc. are not allowed. No costs should be incurred by our customers until they decide to sign up with you.
  • You may make multiple offers but there is no guarantee we will approve all.
  • You are required to make every effort to ensure prospects are able to utilize your offer during the 60 days or accommodate them at a later date.
  • You must be able to scale up as the service grows so be careful what you offer.
  • You are committing to this offer for at least 6 months. Due to the lead time of some of the media we work with, you must give us at least 90 days notice if you would like to withdraw or change your offer after that period.


Your Risks?
  • Your offer isn’t good enough. We reject it explaining why. You’ve lost nothing.
  • Your offer is accepted, but customers don’t choose to sample it. We will work with you to change that situation, but worst case – you’ve lost nothing.
  • Lots of people use your offer but no one signs up for your upsell package. Quiz them. Find out why and adjust your upsell package accordingly.
  • Too many customers! A good problem to have. Please choose only giveaways that your business can scale up with as demand increases. It takes 90 days to withdraw your offer (due to media work we do) and there is no guarantee that we can add you back into the package in the future so please think carefully about your first offer.
  • You miss out. At some point in every city we will close the package (we don’t want to completely overwhelm our customers). Right now, businesses all over your city are being contacted about being Fitness-Buffet partners. Make your offer now before it is too late!
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