Ready to Get Started?
1. Why would I do this?
Most people who work in the world of sport, fitness and health are very good at what they do and know that they can deliver enormous value to the their clients. Fitness-Buffet was specifically designed in response to friends of ours in the industry wanting the opportunity to show people how good they were. 'Let me spend an hour with a prospect and in most cases I can turn them into a client' - We will just try and put as many of the right prospects in front of you as possible.
2. Why are you doing it?
For all the right reasons. We love sport, we love fitness, we love trying new things and we love meeting new people in the process. However, this is also a business for us but our success is tied with our ability to create success in your business and create a compelling enough package to get people off the sofa and into your gym/shop/dojo/playing field/pool.
3. How do you make your money?
We charge the end user $99 for the Fitness-Buffet package.
4. Why don't you charge us vendors?
We offer the service free to the first 20 vendors in each city. And if you're very nice the next 20 are free also. But you have to be nice.
5. If doesn't cost you anything, why do you charge $99.
The price was determined by our first vendors. If we charged too much people wouldn't come, if we gave it away too cheap or free then our vendors would spend their time with people who couldn't afford to be clients. We determined $99 was the right amount to attract the optimum number of the right people. And we spend a big portion of that on marketing our package to your ultimate prospects.
6. Why can't you offer my gym exclusivity in the city?
Generally speaking people have a number of reasons why they join a particular club or gym and location is one of the most important. Since our service is city wide, it wouldn't really be offering value to our end customers if we didn't give them geographic choice amongst others.
7. Who are the other vendors in my city?
Once the city is 'live' (has 20 or more vendors and over $1,000 worth of services) you can see the full list and what they are offering on the website for your city.
8. Who are these prospects and how do you find them?
We have a dark room full of nerds who scour the online world for people who mention they are thinking about getting fit. We target these people.We also have a bright room full of young enthusiastic marketing and PR people who look about 17, have bright shiny teeth and spend all day on the phones to magazines, radio stations and others putting together competitions and promotions.We then have some grown ups who sit in offices and target big, and not so big, corporations who want to offer their staff a great package.
9. What is to stop your customers buying a new package every month and coming to my classes for free?
We track who orders what, where and when. They are not allowed to order more than one every 90 days. We believe most people are inherently honest and would not abuse the system. However, if you notice someone coming back multiple times, please let us know and we will have a word.
10. How do you stop vouchers being transferred?
All vouchers have the recipients name on them. The easiest way is just to ask all customers to show some identification
11. How can we withdraw from this promotion?
You can notify us of your intention to withdraw at any time for what ever reason. We will make every effort to remove your offer immediately but we reserve the right to continue promoting it for up to 90 days for two reasons. Firstly we may have invested in print or other forms of media to promote your offer and once we have submitted the artwork we can't pull it back. The second reason is that in some rare cases your removal of the offer may reduce the value of the package below $1,000 and therefore we will need some time to find replacements.
12. How do I up-sell a course to someone when they come to my class?
Some of our vendors are brilliant at this, some are rubbish. One of our objectives for this year is to put together a program to help you do this. For now, the best technique is asking. This is also a good way to ensure people don't abuse your hospitality. Learning: People are wary of hardsells and Fitness-Buffet allows them to try multiple places first. They will return to the one they like best so whilst we are sure you never would, other vendors should refrain from trying to hard sell customers.
13. What offer should I make?
That is entirely up to you. It really needs to fulfill 3 criteria.  
1 - Provide great value to our customer / your prospects (this should ideally be something you do not currently offer)
2 - Showcase what you do enough that someone would want more of it 3 -Be scalable.
Here are some learnings from other partners:

1- One-on-one sessions are difficult to scale up but they offer a great chance to build rapport and relationship with the prospect which means upselling is easier.
2- If you normally do one-on-one sessions but can’t scale up one solution is to create a “group one-on-one” session. We know it sounds odd but you pick an hour each week and do a group session for Fitness-Buffet customers. Whether there is one person or 10 you still create value but manage your time better.
3- Test new ideas. If you want to launch a new service at your gym but are worried about whether it will be popular, before you spend money marketing it, put the offer on Fitness-Buffet. It costs you nothing and you will soon see whether people sign up.
4- Make the offer for multiple people. For example, we have one Tennis coach who offers an hour’s training for our customer and up to 4 of their friends. This gets your service in front of more people for the same amount of time investment.
We will continue to add learning and suggestions as we get feedback from vendors all around the world and will update you through our newsletter.