What People Are Saying?
“ Get more clients "in front of me" to show the value of Personal Training and what exactly it can do for them. Exposure! ”
- FORM Personal Training
“ Introduce new customers to our signature class and increase business exposure ”
- Elixir Pilates & Wellness
“ This would be the website that allows me to branch out to others instead of through craiglist. I feel that I have a service that many people want and can afford but don't know where to look. ”
- Undefined Limits
“ Additional awareness / exposure ”
- Ideal Health Partners
“ Expose new people to my revolutionary style training classes ”
“ It should create new leads and potential customers for life. ”
- NickFit Athletics
“ The web has been a way to market my business in the past. ”
- Workout With Kirk
“ Well, Fitness-Buffet tailor to fitness and I own a personal training company and its free advertising! ”
- Elite Fitness Calgary
“ Because there are some people out there that I do not get with my advertising and every lead generation source is welcomed at Progressive Fitness ”
- Progressive Fitness
“ It will help introduce me to more customers. ”
- LT Fit. LLC
“ Advertise to new students ”
- Phoenix of Denver
“ Build Customer Base ”
“ It will help me generate more clients. ”
- EAZNutrition
“ Fitness Buffet have a large audience of potential in-Market Fitness people. ”
- Modern Martial Arts Center
“ We are hoping children and adults will try a class and want to enroll for the rest of the year. ”
- EDE Center for Dance
“ I think it would be a great way to reach out to new and potential clients looking to get healthy. ”
- Herbalife Independent Distributor
“ Fitness Buffett allows a higher degree of creativity and detail than an advertising campaign ever could. ”
- World Record Entertainment, Team-Building and Fitness
“ Exposure to more customers and better search engine rankings. ”
- Beyond Fitness Persoanal Training & Boot Camps
“ Looking for new client leeds. ”
- Healthy Training
“ Sounds like a great partnership since the leads that you generate will have paid something to be able to take advantage of our offers which, for the most part, means that we get serious leads. Our prospects get to try our awesome program for a week to see if they like it:) ”
- Vortex Fit Life
“ Good marketing program ”
- Twin City Dance
“ We are a brand new facility looking to build our clientele. We hope you can spread the word. ”
- Fusion Pilates and Yoga, Inc.
“ I feel Fitness Buffet will provide me with a stream of motivated leads interested in improving their health and fitness, who I will be able to enroll in my long term programs. ”
“ Exposure to potential clients who do not know about Velocity. ”
- Velocity Sports Performance
“ I like advertising options that I do not have to pay for up front. ”
- IM=X Pilates Studio
“ Advertising for those that are looking for fitness. ”
- Quick Gym Utah
“ I think Fitness-Buffet will reach a target audience that is looking for our specific services that we offer. ”
- PowerMoves Pilates in the Park
“ We are always looking to reach new audiences with our fitness material. ”
- Advanced Training Techniques Inc
“ Bring more people into classes so I can help them reach their fitness goals. ”
- Zumba® Fitness with Mary Ellen
“ My website will be known and my name will get out there. ”
- Pillars Athletics Training
“ I think Fitness-Buffet will reach a target audience that is looking for our specific services that we offer. ”
- Lions Gym
“ Fitness-Buffet sounds like it will attract more clients and traffic to my business ”
- The Wise Decision
“ Greater exposure to more people. ”
- Phoenix M&F