What People Are Saying?
“ We need more clients that will rebook with us and buy paid packages ”
- Work It Out Chicago LLC
“ Any exposure or advertising is good for business! I think the concept of Fitness Buffet offering the fitness classes in a package for people specifically for fitness is a great idea. ”
- Bfit-Fitness
“ We specialize in on-location martial arts instruction so you will help us get into companies that can use our services. ”
- Martial Arts Instructional Services
“ I've been a Curves Franchisee since 2003 and the best advertising I have had is through word of mouth, buddy referrals. If you can help me get people in the door, I can help them reach their goals! Sounds like a good match. ”
- Curves Avondale
“ Increase our reach to as many students as you have to offer. ”
- Sat Nam Yoga Chicago
“ Hopefully it will be a good way to get more people familiar with Transform Personal Training and the services it offers. ”
- Transform Personal Training
“ There are less than 75 fitness trainers and 300 physical therapists in the WORLD with the knowledge an expertise we have in movement science. Redefined Fitness has 7 trainers and 3 physical therapists certified in Applied Functional Science. Fitness Buffet will help people bring people through our doors and experience what we do, which is better than any advertisement or promotion. People need to experience what we do to truly understand and appreciate how we enhance movement, reduce chronic pain, and improve overall quality of life. ”
- Redefined Fitness & Physical Therapy
“ Increase and expose new clients. ”
- Pure Vibes Fitness
“ Advertizing is expensive and in some cases unattainabale. Depending how strong this program is can help to bring awareness to at least my school and programs. Of course the number of people who contact me and those who take the offer will determing just how well the program will work for me. Of course then it would be up to me to turn these prospects into sales. ”
- Gen-Ki Karate and Fitness Center
“ Need new clients every month ”
- Chicago Fitness Coach
“ Any additional exposure will be welcome ”
- Physiic
“ As a trainer and success coach, my goal is to help as many people as possible with my unique program, which combines cutting-edge training techniques, a realistic and effective nutrition system, and fitness-focused success coaching. The free week I offer at The Fitness Camp allows potential clients to determine if my methods and personality are a good match for their goals, expectations and personality. Because The Fitness Camp is delivered online - and therefore available anywhere in the English-speaking world - I am hoping Fitness-Buffet will introduce The Fitness Camp to a wide (even worldwide) audience and enable me to help more people. ”
- The Fitness Camp
“ Our philosophy is to check as many spines as we can and to educate on the benefits of chiropractic care. By offering your clients the opportunity to have a spinal check and adjustment, we have the opportunity to start them on the path to health. ”
- Total Health Chiropractic
“ Drive more prospects ”
- City Osteopathy & Physiotherapy
“ Raise awareness and show fitness can be fun. ”
- Celebrity Fitness Singapore
“ A proven site that works based on the testimonials. ”
- Munster Bootcamp
“ Good exposure to new clients, hopefully upsell then using 10% discount when they walk in. ”
- Status Sport Pte Ltd
“ Drive clients for our newly expanded operations. ”
- Ch'i Life Studio
“ Will drive traffic to us and promote kettlebell sport. ”
“ Help to increase potential clients to go for underpopulated Esplanade classes. ”
- SFitness
“ Will help me to bring new customers for better exposure ”
- The Slimming Company
“ Fitness-Buffet helps people to get closer to the sports they\'d like to try. Encourage them to take the first step and fall in love with them! ”
- Ultimate Golf Lessons
“ Fifth Ray provides varied fitness programmes for children to adults, and we hope that Fitness-Buffet will provide another platform for us to advertise our services. ”
- Fifth Ray Integrated Activities Pte Ltd
“ I would like to reach more customers to let them know about YogaDivas! ”
- YogaDivas
“ To introduce new clients to our programs ”
- SPEED Sports and Conditioning
“ More exposure. ”
- Physical ABuse
“ Fitness-Buffet will connect us to those women who need to exercise and will see that Curves women's only, 30-minute workout is what they have been looking for. ”
- Curves
“ It has gathered the best offers in Singapore giving customer a one-stop fitness buffet experience. ”
- Grendian Wellness
“ It is a fitness-focused marketing channel. ”
- Aspire Concept Pte Ltd
“ It will help us promote our brand to like-minded individuals who are serious about getting fit and changing their lifestyle. ”
- Active Lifestyle
“ Not sure, but its worth a try. The free advertising and the concept behind it looks GREAT! ”
- Curves
“ Increasing our time infront of potential clients without cost. ”
“ Any help in advertising of driving people to us will be helpful! ”
- Primm & Proper Training
“ I expect Fitness-Buffet to help me increase my clientale and give me much needed exposure. ”
- Get Fit with Denise
“ Expand out of the small town I live in ”
- Arbonne international Independent Consultant
“ I’m excited about the idea of giving customers a real selection of fitness services available to them. Many people seem to know about the one local gym but aren’t aware of other fitness opportunities that can be as or even more helpful. The Simple Fitness Tracker is a unique program, and I hope that Fitness-Buffet can help to introduce it to more and more people trying to get in shape. As far as expectations, I’m mainly interested in building greater awareness and would love to see daily signups reach double digits and beyond. ”
- Simple Fitness Tracker
“ My biggest issue is getting potential clients to schedule an initial session. After that my closing rate is very high and my retention rate even higher. Fitness-buffet seems like a method to create more initial free sessions with potential clients. ”
- Endgame Fitness
“ It will get people to try dance as a fitness class. Our customers usually have so much fun, they don't even think of it as a work out. However when they leave in a sweat they say its the best work out ever. We hope they will enroll after trying us. If they don't, at least they can see what a great dance studio we are and maybe pass on the word. ”
- Dance-N-Magic
“ I think what we do as a whole is a bit different than most facilities, which can be difficult to convey in something like a newspaper ad and it appears that Fitness Buffet gives us the opportunity to share more details about who we are and what we do. We realize we are not for everyone and this seems like a good way for our ideal customers to find us. ”
- Fitness Werks
“ It will be going directly to people who are interested in what we offer. ”
- Centennial Taekwon-Do